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 How to create a chart from SharePoint list

A Chart representation is always loved by business especially by Managers.
SharePoint 2010 provided Chart WebPart for this purpose. The Chart WebPart has been
discontinued for SharePoint 2013. If you use the Chart WebPart in SharePointServer 2010,
you can continue to use it in SharePointServer 2013. If you did not use the Chart WebPart
in SharePoint Server 2010, you can use other SharePoint functionality such as Excel
Services to display a chart in a SharePoint site.

Excel service gives an ability to create chart, kpi, dashboard and reports. The chart (most
supported pivot chart) can be created in excel and then publish the excel to SharePoint.
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But how about sites that do not have Excel Services? How about Office 365 - P1 plan users?

One solution is creating Chart using Google Chart API in SharePoint. The Google Chart
WebPart allows to chart data contained in the specified SharePoint List. The charts are
created using Google's public Chart API (see official Google Documentation).
SharePoint Google Chart tools consist of two sections. The first part is to get data from
SharePoint list and call the second part. The second part is receiving Chart data as
QueryString and create the chart. The second part can be executed by itself if you have
other way to pass Chart data.

SharePoint Google Chart tools can be used with Windows SharePoint 2010 and
SharePoint 2013.
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